While sipping a tall cold one in a Central California Basque restaurant, my wife surprised me with “Let’s move to the mountains!” Having been long out of the real estate biz, selling farms and ranches all over the west, there was nothing holding us to California other than friends and family.

Welcome to Wolfpack Ranch



And friends and family will stick with you no matter where you reside. I knew what she meant; she meant the nearby mountains. I replied, “If you’re gonna be a bear, be a griz, let’s move to the Rocky Mountains. And sixteen years ago, we did just that, ending up in Montana’s beautiful Sapphire Mountains, not far from a university town with a great airport.

Writing is a career which can be pursued anywhere, although it’s helpful to have FedEx and a good internet connection, and we have both, plus one of the world’s most pristine trout streams; deer, turkeys, and occasionally elk in the yard; eagles and ospreys overhead; and a country market and post office only a few miles away.

Kat, my beautiful wife, is one of the world’s leading suspense writers…suspense laced with romance. I write westerns, historicals, mysteries, and some non-fiction. I’m also heavily into cooking, having cooked all my life for both vocation and avocation. And today’s cooking, with emphasis on fresh ingredients, and my farming background, led me to creating a large garden and a near professional greenhouse. I’ve also been a photographer since junior high school, both still and video. All that has come together on the page The Kitchen at Wolfpack Ranch, where we share lots of wonderful recipes that Kat and I have collected from the world over, and lot’s of kitchen tips and tricks.

We’re all about good old country cooking…but what country will be for you to find out. Come visit us, and come back often. You’re always welcome at The Kitchen at Wolfpack Ranch.