There’s something soothing about chicken soup, which makes me believe that the old adage about the Jewish mother saying “chicken soup cures all,” is not a bit wrong. Kat and I, often when short of time and energy, have chicken and noodles for supper. It’s quick, easy, and takes little attention. Made this way, it’s very healthy, particularly if you skin the chicken (alhtough it’s a bit more flavorful if you don’t) and use whole wheat noodles. I often use No-Yoke noodles to help with cholesterol levels, but normal are fine.

2 Skinless chicken breasts (or 4 thighs)

4 Cups water

6 Chicken bullion cubes

1 Medium white or yellow onion 1″ cubes

1 Stalk celery 1″ slices

1 Tsp MSG (if you use)

1/4 Ground sage

1/2 Package No-Yoke wide noodles (or whole wheat noodles)

1 Tsp white wine or other vinegar

If you have it throw in a few leaves of basil. Start the water in an 8 cup pan or larger. Drop in the bullion cubes and dissolve. Add spices and vinegar. Drop in the chicken and cubed onion and celery and cook for 15 minutes. Add noodles and cook another 15 minutes or until they’re as you like them.