Filet Strip1 Whole tenderloin (6 lbs or more)

1/2 Cup soy sauce

1 Cube butter

2 Beef bullion cubes

Garlic salt and lemon pepper

This is an expensive dish, but when you think what it would cost to take eight out for a filet dinner it’s modest. And there’s a bonus as I always trim the tail end which yields about four nice small steaks and some chunks for an equally fabulous shiskabob.

Simple sauce: Mix all ingredients in a small pan, other than the meat of course, including a shake or two of garlic salt and lemon pepper and heat to melt and meld.

I use a three burner BBQ. Spray the grill and the meat with spray oil to help keep the meat from sticking, and brown the meat over a very hot fire, then turn off one or two of the burners, keeping the covered BBQ at 350 degrees or so. Cook until the interior temperature of the meat approaches 125 degrees. Baste with simple sauce. If this flares up and fire envelopes the meat for a few seconds, don’t worry about it, this searing imparts a great flavor. When the meat reaches 125 degrees interior for a medium rare center, remove , slice, and serve. Enjoy the raves.