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Call Hawkins just wants to be left alone and leave the past where it belongs. The bleak beauty of Dead Horse Creek is a perfect place tomidnight sun by kat martin get away from the world…a place where nothing exists to remind him of everything he’s lost. His isolation is complete–until Charity Sinclair arrives fresh from New York City. Shamefully beautiful and stubbornly independent, she’s also shamefully ignorant of the untamed wilderness…and the very real dangers she’ll face if Call doesn’t teach her a thing or two.

But even with Call’s grudging help, Charity’s dream of life in the Yukon may have led her into something much more savage than the forest. A menace as endless as the long days that run together without darkness–and a killer who won’t let anything come between him and perfect, deadly vengeance…


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Charity Sinclair has been obsessed with the Yukon as long as she can remember. When a small inheritance gives her the chance to buy a mining claim, she gives up her editorial job in New York and her too-perfect boyfriend. Upon arriving she finds the cabin a disaster and her closest neighbor hostile. Billionaire Call Hawkins has good reasons for wanting to be left alone, but he just can’t help but watch Charity as she tries to wrest gold from her claim, and he is always on hand to jump in when she gets herself in trouble. But once they reach a truce, they’re thrust into danger: his plane and her mining equipment are sabotaged. Which of them is the target, and why? Meanwhile Charity’s strangely realistic dreams of the Yukon gold rush lead her on a fascinating genealogical search. Martin’s latest is a terrific contemporary romance with an interesting setting, perfect pacing, compelling plot, fascinating detail, charming secondary characters, and a resourceful and likable pair of protagonists. Diana Tixier Herald
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midnight sun by kat martin

Charity Sinclair has decided that she needs to do something anything to bring some excitement into her life. She has had a life long fascination with the Yukon and the Gold Rush Era. Charity buys herself a claim and off to the Yukon she goes. Call Hawkins, her neighbor wants his peace and quiet back. Besides the noise involved with mining for the gold, there is the intense attraction he fells for Charity. Call came to the Yukon to hide from a painful past but Charity is chipping away at the wall he has built around his heart. But there is something sinister from Call’s past is making its presence felt. It’s threatening their newfound relationship. This book is fast paced, edgy and oh so sexy. Kat Martin has written another wonderful book.