Mushroom Gravy 8 ounces white or crimini mushrooms (or any mushroom you prefer)
1 1/2     cup water
1/2     cup rich red wine, cabernet sauvignon or burgundy
3     bullion cubes
1/2    teaspoon garlic salt
1    teaspoon soy sauce
1    tblesp Wondra or all purpose flour
butter or olive oil if you prefer
Pinch of cumin
Pepper to your taste

Sauté mushrooms in butter in medium frying pan just to
soften, remove from pan and set aside. In same frying
pan deglaze by adding all but ! cup water, wine, bullion
cubes, and soy sauce and bring to a boil until bullions
cubes are dissolved. Make slurry of remaining water and
flour or Wondra and stir into boiling liquid. Thicken to
desired consistency; if necessary add a little more flour
and water slurry. Add cumin and pepper to taste. Add
back mushrooms and serve hot.

*I’ve long used MSG and never had a problem with it,
nor met anyone who has. I researched it on the web and
again found no proof or even claim that it causes
headaches, etc. But as always, it’s your kitchen, please
use your own discretion.