“The fools killed his family…then made him a lawman!”

McBain studied the boy for a long while, then answered.  “I plan to avenge my sister and her family.  I don’t trust the law hereabouts, so I will be judge and jury.”

“And hangman?” he asked, with some encouragement.

“Yes, and executioner.”

“Then we are on the same path.”

“No, Angel.  You’re young.  I’m pretty near used up, in miles if not in years.  You have a lot to live for—“

“I live for my family, now only my brother, and I will avenge mi padre, it is the path I have chosen.”

I looked at him for a long moment, seeing the dedication in his continence.  He meant what he said, but he was only a boy.  “You are but seventeen, Angel.”

He smiled tightly.  “I know my age, Señor.  I kill rabbits on the run, and birds in flight.  I can fade into the brush as well as any Shoshone or Piute.  And I will do this job, for my sainted madre, and my murdered padre.  I will help you, or I will do it alone.”