sounding drumLarry Jay Martin makes a huge splash with his new novel that comes equipped with an utterly intriguing and ingenious premise that guarantees loads of edge-of-your-seat suspense. SOUNDING DRUM is a high-stakes thriller that will keep you glued until the last word.

The chance discovery of a 400-year-old land grant by a colonial New York governor that ceded a chunk of Manhattan Island to the local Canarsee Indian tribes sparks the roller coaster plot of western writer Martin’s new thriller. Steve (“Sounding”) Drum is a Montana Salish Indian turned savvy Wall Street lawyer to whom archeologist Paula Fox secretly give the document she has unearthed. When the analysis proves the deed authentic, Drum finds the Canarsee heirs among the Schomacs, a small landless tribe near the Finger Lakes are of New York State. Pooling the resources of local casino-owning tribes and calling for help from the Mafioso benefactor how put him through law school, Drum lanuches a shrewd plan to transform part of Rockefeller Center into the Schomac reservation. Drum’s scheme is complicated by his unscanctioned romance with the Don’s daughter, and by a mystery stalker intent on killing him. He’s also distracted by his obsession to revenge his own father’s murder. The outlandish premise and the plot’s compelling twists and turns more than compensate for sappy dialogue in the romantic episodes, and extraneous side plot and a glut of ethnic similies. Readers will sympathize with the Native American underdogs all the way to the surprise ending.

– from an Amazon customer