Jessica Taggart had come West seeking adventure, and no hard-drinking, easy-living rogue like Jake Weston was going to stop her fromtin angel by kat martin finding it — even if it meant being hi partner in the Tin Angel, the most notorious brothel on the Barbary Coast. Even if she had to resist his sensual seduction, when all she really wanted was to melt in his arms.

Jake had not intention of sharing the Tin Angel with a know-it-all female from Boston. But Jessica’s spirited independence … and lush, responsive beauty … made him swear off other women forever. And when Jessie proceeded to get shipwrecked, kidnapped, and almost killed, Jake swore to so whatever was necessary to keep her safe — whether she wanted his help or not.

Kat and L.J. Martin have announced the re-release of one of their most popular novels, the only novel they’ve written as a team, Tin Angel.

Henry Taggart had gone to San Francisco several years prior to 1872 and had built up Taggart Enterprises, which included the Tin Angel. Henry had been killed and left 51% of his businesses to his daughter, Jessica, and 49% to his manager, Jake Weston. Jessica lived in Boston and Jake thought she would remain there and let him run the business. But Jessica had other ideas. In their telegrams after Henry’s death, Jessica and Jake antagonized each other and didn’t like one another before they even met.

Jake knew that Jessica was under the impression that the Tin Angel was a restaurant and didn’t tell her otherwise. When she arrived and found it was a gambling and bawdy house, she almost died. Jessica thought that her 51% entitled her to run the businesses, including the Tin Angel and was angry when Jake didn’t agree. So it started–two strong people trying to gain the advantage over the other, all the while fighting an attraction that grew stronger despite their efforts.

tin angel by kat martin