Kat and I spent almost three weeks in Tuscany, and a wonderful three weeks they were. In addition to Florence, Sienna, and Pisa, we visited a dozen out of the way villages and restaurants…and never had a bad meal. Of all the places I’ve visited in Europe, Tuscany wears the crown for beef, and the best of it was the delicious Tuscan T-Bone. Large enough for two or super large for up to six, it was always cooked to a turn and carved with love and laughs. This version comfortably serves four. It’s done here with a delicious coffee rub. Serves four.

1 4″ thick T-Bone steak, choice if you can find it

1 Tblsp corn starch

1 Tsp oregano

1 Tblsp beef bullion granules

1/4 Cup rich coffee beans

1 Tsp garlic salt

1/2 Tsp salt

1 Tsp course ground pepper

Preheat your oven with the rack centered to 350 degrees. Grind all dry ingredients together in a spice grinder (or your coffee grinder) and apply evenly to all surfaces of the steak. Place on a rack and into the oven. With a meat thermometer check the steak until it reaches 125 degrees in the center next to the bone. Slice the New York side and the filet side away from the bone, then slice each into four even pieces, serving a piece of each side to each guest. Enjoy.