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Probably the greatest compliment I consistently get regarding my cooking is the result of the most simple thing I do, and that's use my simple sauce on meat, particularly beef, that I BBQ or smoke.

I purloined this simple sauce from a chef in a place where I loved the steaks. 

How simple?  1/2 cup soy sauce, 1 cube butter (1/2 cup), two beef bullion cubes. Baste just before removing from grill when BBQing, using a HOT fire.

This Website is About GOOD food!

You'll see as you peruse this site that I've travelled a fair amount and eaten in some of the worlds best restaurants. That said, I've had astounding dishes in farm kitchens and dives, saloons and street carts...so I'm not hung up with the trimmings, only the quality, flavor, and for you and me, the ease of preparation.


95% of the pictures on these pages, I've taken.  The much superior work is by others, like the pic adjacent to this text.  Terry Heffernan is my friend and neighbor on Rock Creek, and I envy his ability..   


Lot's of great recipes and country cooking!

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