Tuscan T-Bone

If you haven't visited Italy put her on your bucket list.  From Lake Como to well south of Rome I've watched and learned and enjoyed....  And this is one of the great ones.

Grilled Romaine Salad

Yeah, I know, before I enjoyed this dish I'd have said you're nuts if I'd be grilling romaine.  But this is truly delicious.

Cheese Pie

I don't do a lot of baking, but I love desserts.  This one is easy, and in my opinion, way better than cheese cake.  Give it a try, you won't be sorry.

Short Ribs

I love medium rare beef, but I also love a tough piece well cooked and melting in your mouth.  And short ribs can fill that bill...particularly with a great brown gravy.

Berries in Puff Pastry

I do this easy and elegant dessert more than any other when entertaining.  Almost any berries or fruit you love will work.

Creme Fraiche

When you're miles from the market as we are in Montana, it's nice to have something to replace sour cream.  And this is delicious and a great base for lots of sauces.  And you'll see how simple it is to make...but you've got to wait a day.

Parmesan Puffs

Cocktail party?  This is super simple and elegant...and, as always, I do it the easy way. I didn't learn this in Parma, Italy, but I enjoyed some GREAT meals there.