The California Cocina

Lot's of History, and Historical Recipes

In nearly every one of my many novels I include eating and kitchen scenes. After all, it's a good part of our daily life.  In this cookbook, since I've done lots of books or early California, I quote from journals and biographies....

For instance:


"Were the devil himself to call

for a night's lodging, the

Californian would hardly find

it in his heart to bolt the door..."

Diary of

Walter Colton

Monterey, 1850

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Cooking Wild and Wonderful

A Contemporary Cookbook

If you like to read as well as cook, you might enjoy this one.  For instance:



“Cinch him up, spur hard, and let him buck…”

Outside my kitchen window a pair of wild Merriam turkeys with a clutch of chicks investigate my flower beds to see what my bird feeders have spilled. 

They're my clean-up crew. 

On the distant hillside a whitetail doe cautiously leads a spindly legged spotted fawn down to our north pasture. As I stroll along the long gravel driveway an osprey, the fish eagle, wings overhead on his way to beat the fly-fishermen to a breakfast of rainbow, brown, or native cutthroat trout from Wolfpack Ranch’s gurgling neighbor, one of the world's most pristine fly fishing streams. 

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