Introduction to The Kitchen at Wolfpack Ranch!


How to Build a Greenhouse!  In Montana, if you want any kind of growing season, a greenhouse is a MUST!


You gotta love a great paella, although I'm not fond of most Spanish versions...this is a country boy's take on this great combination of flavors!

Pork Loin

Nothing better than a succulent pork loin with a baked apple and a wedge of cabbage...and the leftovers are even better.

The Regal Onion

There are so many ways to enjoy an onion, and I went to the source to see where and how!

Cornish Game Hens

What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful little succulent bird this is!  


As I did with the onion, I went to the source to see what avocado production is all about.  You gotta love American farmers and processors.